Refugee Crisis

It seems the refugees have nowhere to flee as fences and armed guards refuse them even safe pzassage. There could be a solution, even a simple one, that everyone has overlooked. I could supply a solution, but who would listen?
My solution would be cruise ships! Yes, what happens to old, decommissioned cruise ships? They are rusting away, awaiting sale and recycling to new purposes. Some have accommodations for five thousand or more occupants, plus space for classrooms, social services — floating villages which are isolated from hostile communities and potential exploitation.
Some of the refugees could provide the staff necessary to support the community– cooks, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, child care, social workers, security — many refugees are themselves professionals with experience, and they are eager to be useful.
Now, with whom can I share this vision? The only Greek shipping magnate I ever have heard of is Ari Onassis, and he is long gone. Perhaps, a wealthy Arab would want to demonstrate magnanimity, or the owner of a Norwegian cruise line — someone with compassion, wealth, and largesse of heart.

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