As I continue

I spent time today checking up on Doug Harper, author of  EtymologyOnline . His last post sounded desperate — his MS was worse, he has cancer, and he was broke. When I finally found him on Facebook, there was none of that. Hmm, I guess he moved on. Google no longer lists his site at all, no less as the first hit. He’s gone private, that’s my conclusion.

Today, I wrote an article about “what happens if a candidate dies before inauguration. I researched the topic and found there have actually been discussions about this. Slate magazine was where I found the best information.

Two things were new to me: the story of Horace Greeley, who died after losing the election; and the story of the 20th Amendment, which I thought came about after the assassination of JFK, in order to clarify the succession order. Another article: the 20th amendment, term limits, succession.

Another article, discussing the Civil War or slavery with Northerners. The main thing about this topic is that you can’t get Northerners to even listen; they assume they have the moral high ground, that’s it, end of story. I wonder if the infiltration of  thousands of Northerners into the South — places like Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh — has killed the Southern side of the story forever.

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